Know My Daughter’s Password

Yes, I know my daughter’s password in FB, am I invading her privacy? Nope I am not; I am just monitoring her activities in Facebook. I don’t post shout outs there but I am just looking what does she posted there, is it appropriate or not? I know some teenagers would not understand me, but I am a mother and I know what’s best for my daughter. I am not invading her privacy but more of guiding her of what they called technology era. It is okay to post but you should be responsible enough what you are posting, it is okay to explore the web but don’t go beyond because if you do, it might ruin your entire being and your future. Yes, she is already a teenager but she is still be guided especially when it comes to social media. Please we just love you so much not to mind your activities each day in the net and you must understand that as a mother I know what is right for you.

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