Electro Magnetic Force

I was shock to read the news this morning, A Malaysian Airline, which has known to be the safest airline and no records of accidents whatsoever has gone lost without giving a distress signal to the base. One tweeted that we might have a new Bermuda triangle in the Asia. My nieces inserted and yes a Bermuda triangle so I asked her what about it? She started to explain to me about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Many planes and ships were lost there and gone missing, the famous one was the flight 19.

So tonight before I went to bed, I research about the Bermuda Triangle mystery, and I found the documentary of it in You Tube, it is very interesting some believed of it and some said it is only a myth. A pilot who was able to experience it and luckily got out of it said that they saw a hole, while there’s a storm forming in each side of their plane. He flew with his Dad and he could see that his Dad is already panicking. The weather expert said it maybe has two storms collide and it formed a hole. There’s one who said that there must be an electromagnetic force in the area so some of the planes that pass by there went off missing without a trace, it just lost in mystery and never found until now.

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