Resolution Software For Netbook

Since morning yesterday, the classmate of my niece went here; they have to finish a project. It is not a group project but they are allowed to help each other for the codes.  As you all know she is an IT student, and there are so many projects to submit. So when I arrive here yesterday from fetching Faith, I was not able to use my computer because my niece is using it. I ask for her netbook, I knew it didn’t function good but I want to give it a try because I need to finish my task here online.

When I open her netbook, it seemed like the resolution is not normal, it is too wide and big. I asked my niece about it, and she said it has been like that since she has it re-program, the VGA software is lost. I didn’t like to work with the resolution that can’t be adjusted. I research online what is the VGA software that is fit to her Acer Aspire One netbook, I browse some forum and I was able to see one software that could fit to her netbook. Luckily, it was successful. I was hoping though that I did not download software with virus on it. After I install it, it ask me to reboot the computer, I was crossing my fingers this time. And guess what? It worked, my niece was so happy about it plus the MS Word seems to be working fine as well. She told me that she will be using it this time and not my computer anymore.

 So you see sometimes upon researching over the Internet, you actually find something helpful for the good of your gadgets at home. But be aware that sometimes those downloaded software will have a virus on it that could ruin your entire program so have your Anti-Virus ready.

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