Zumba Wii Is So Much Fun

It’s already three days now that I am doing the Zumba with Wii, and yesterday my sister joined me here. LOL she had lots of fun, she claimed it that she is getting slimmer today. The Zumba Wii is just so fantastic; I think I already mentioned it to my other blog but not all I guess. Zumba Wii has a belt that you will wrap around your waist, you will put the Wii remote in the pocket of the belt so for the sensor to collect the score. Yes you will get score while dancing and if you could finish the whole class with numbers of danceable music you will get a bonus. Very techie but it’s not that techie, what I mean is it will calculate how much of calories you have loose. The score varies how you move and grooves with the music. You can choose, short class, mid class or full length class.

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