Bought An Ink For My Nieces To Use

My two nieces also my eldest daughter was so busy last month for their projects. My two nieces have to print so many for their projects so even though I just bought an ink for the printer it was over immediately. When my niece printed her last page of her project it doesn’t print anymore, a pop up says we need to buy another one. I haven’t bought right away because I need to attend some other expenses. Good thing that time Mj could use their school printer so she just prints her project there. I also have to thank my niece Mariel for helping Mj to her project; it was about creating a program so it includes some codes or css and some other stuff. The other day, when my daughter and I went to the mall to grocery shop, we dropped by at the computer store to finally buy an ink for our printer. It was just the right timing because my niece Moreen is busy printing her resume for applying job this summer. Right now she is on training for one of the call center here in Davao. I guess another call center agent is born to our family of course yours truly is the first one. This printer really has a big help for all of us, it is not only for our everyday activity but also for printing resume and projects. I am not sure how much it is cost for one printing to a coupon bond, as I can recall when I was in college for one bond paper only, it cost 20 to 30 pesos already.

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