Very Useful For My Daily Activities

I first known about Power Bank from my friend, a friend from Singapore sent her a power bank as a gift last Christmas. She told me the uses of the Power Bank when I asked her about it. She said that you can charge your cell phones, laptops and tablets through the Power Bank depending on how much mAH it is. Mine is only 4,400 mAh so it can only charge 2 cell phones and I can charge the power bank for about 2 hours. My friend has the highest and she said it can charge 4 cell phones, 2 laptops and 3 tablets.

Since mine is only P1, 000.00 of course 2 phones will be enough for it. Power Bank is very useful for me, because I always went out to send or fetch my kids and sometimes I could not charge my phone at home when it the battery is almost drained, there are times that I will forget to charge it. Power Bank is there for me now to rescue my phone when it is about to die.

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