My Camera and Cellphone Gave Up

Last Thursday, we went to the resort of my friend in the pool, we were very excited, especially Mj. It has been a while that we were not able to have fun in the beach. I was looking forward to take many pictures both in my camera and in my phone, until we were in the boat. When the bankero tried the engine of his boat, the boat slowly out of balance and Faith and I splash into the water, it was overloaded so it sunk. I forgot all my gadgets because I was minding Faith, I tried to push her up but I was not able to do it, our coach dive for her. When I was able to climb up in the boat, I just then notice that I had my camera on my neck and phone in my bag and they all got wet. We tried to save it, when we arrived at the resort my friend dried it up right away, we even tried to get rid of the rust the next day but when we went home last Sunday as I went to the mall after I sent the kids to the house. I headed to the Samsung service center to have it checked, I seated there for a while hoping they can find ways to repair it. But to my disappointment, the staff said all the parts inside were already burned and they can’t repair it already. I stared my cellphone for a while, it is already hopeless but it doesn’t matter to me at all now, the important is everyone was safe when the boat sunk especially Faith.

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