I Miss My Samsung Galaxy Win

Yes, I got hired again and this time it is closer to home so it is easy for me to get there. My training is in the morning so that’s the reason I am not able to log on here but even though the earning is so slow already here I will still have to try to update my blog every now and then. Anyway, as I’ve mention the other week my phone got soaked in the salt water when we had our vacation last holy week. And I so miss the phone, right now I am using Mj’s phone and the My Phone that I bought was with her, Mj’s phone is better in taking picture unlike the other.

My sister though brought my Samsung Galaxy Win to her friend who is a cellphone expert, I just can’t do anything but to hope that he will do miracle with my phone.

 photo HPIM1301_zpseca2670f.jpg

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