Being A Techie Is Not Easy

When I applied for this job, when they asked me which project I should pick up, I choose the TSR right away. Aside of what my friend said it is just an easy project, I also want to try being a TSR, I mean I had been a customer service representative before and I just want to try something new.

Our training started this month, but during the first week we were already fried by the first mock call. We just asked to open a website and explore yet we were not taught of possible scenarios. Good thing for me I saw what our trainer trying to ask. But with my some fellow trainees, they were just so new of it and some scenario was really hard. I passed though, but the next week was a bit hard for me already especially when it comes to cable wires etc., etc., we are even not allowed to use some tools to apply it ourselves, to explore, all were just visualized. I mean how can we learn, how can we practice when were not “hands on” of the tools. I am still trying to learn, some trainees were already worried because they heard from someone that 5 or more trainees will fail.

This week, I was called to attend a call, I tried to practice, I tried to recall and think what are the possible scenarios. I thought I was ready but I was wrong. I was given a scenario that I was not able to understand, he said that he is just seeing an HDMI on his TV screen, and the only answer for that is to press the TV input of the TV remote so on and so forth, I haven’t seen that coming. I didn’t know! I mean I know I can still go further but he was already irate and already asked for a supervisor because he said I am not understanding him.

From of what happen to the mock call and his comment in-front of my co-trainees, it feels like I am the dumbest of all. I mean yeah you can comment anytime you want but it is supposed to be just between the two of us. It is the confidentiality we are talking about. I don’t know if I can cope up with this training anymore, I lose my interest to work with this company. I feel for some of my co-trainees. I know they need this work I mean it’s a bit okay for me if I lose or fail with this training, I can always have an option but with some of them, they expected so much for this job, they expected that they will learn and will be endorse to the call floor, this is their first step to their dreams as they are just graduated. I just hope that they will treat this as a challenge.  Life will not stop there; there is still life outside this company. I mean if you are not one of the chosen ones, then try the other one. But for me I am not sure, it is either I will apply for another one or I will just be with my kids at home.

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