Word War Through Social Media

Social Media especially Facebook has becoming a tool for us to express ourselves, to shout out what we are feeling and let everybody knows about it. I mean there is nothing wrong with that, at least we have a way out otherwise we might be going crazy when we can’t express what we need to shout. However most of the time, social media is also becoming a tool to ruin a relationship. I guess most of you noticed that whenever we are pissed off with somebody, we can easily just jolt down our emotions through writings. But I hope sometimes we need to hold our emotions especially when it is our family we are trying to refer our words. I mean why don’t we just sit down and talk in one room, or shout it out in front of the person in one room that no one can listen to it just you and the person you have your grudges with. Or when you are upset with someone, try not to open your FB, twitter and pass it by. Just see if the next 2 hours you still want to type those ill words to the person you want to send the message, I am sure the rush of it will cool down and instead of writing it down you will find yourself picking up your phone and dial the person’s number. Talk and not write is the solution for everything, to understand each one self and to deliver the message right.

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