My Phone Power Button

Last April, my Samsung Galaxy Win was busted. The small boat or banca that we boarded turned upside down and my cellphone and my Digital Camera were soaked wet of salt water. I was devastated to know that my gadgets are not functioning at all, after how many weeks I bought a My Phone Android, I used it for a while but I didn’t like the result of the pictures, it does not look good when every time I took pictures so since Mj like the features of the My phone, I swapped it with her Samsung Young. I am now the one using the Samsung Young.

Last Sunday, we went to the beach, I put all the cellphones in my bag. I didn’t know that my alcohol container leaked, it wet the My Phone cellphone. Mj was terrified when she saw it at home, she even asked my youngest daughter what did she do to the My Phone, I told her then that the alcohol container leaked. Mj tried to open and clean the inner part of the phone, it was cleaned but the power button seems like it’s not working at all. She was so disappointed with what happen to her phone, she wanted to have it checked but I told her we don’t have money yet for the repair. Plus we need to send her school shoes to the shoe repair so she can use it next week during the first day of class.

 photo 2014-06-04123716_zpsde1c4d72.jpg

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