Cellphone Power Button Is Okay But…

 photo 2014-06-04123716_zpsde1c4d72.jpg

It is hard for us and my daughter when one of us doesn’t have phone. This phone was busted when it was soaked with alcohol inside my bag. Mj went to school without a cellphone and every time I am on my way to fetch her it is either she already went home or I could not see her in school. There was one time that even Faith complained because we waited there for a bit long already and we could not see Mj. I found out later on that she already went home. So even though I only have enough the other day, I went to cellphone repair shop to have it check. The staff said it there is one part in power button that got ripped; maybe when Mj tried to open it she was not careful at all. And I found out that it is not the power button only that got ripped, the volume button as well. Geez! Anyway I just told the guy that I will be right back on Saturday to have the volume button repair, at least Mj can use the phone for the meantime as the power button already fixed.

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