The Almost Human Robots Can Be Found In Tokyo, Japan

What will you do when you spotted a person then later you found out that they are not human after all? It is just like seeing a gay or a lesbian passed on your way and you thought that they are really what you see they are then later you found out they are a transgender. How many times did I laugh at myself because I was fooled by their looks?

Now, this is very creepy what about seeing a person that is actually a robot?  The robots are displayed on Tuesday at the Tokyo, Museum. Although these robots can move their pink lips during voice over, or sway their heads, or blinks their eyes, they can only stay seated though they can move their hands. There are also some minor problems with the robots, for an instance they can’t move their lips at all while talking. Oh well It is common though for robots with glitches, they are robots right?

An Osaka University Professor said that these robots are very effective with research on how to dissimilate robots emotion, awareness and thinking from human. Making them is to answers on how it means to be human. The robots are designed for girlish appearance; they can use male voice and then later a squeaky woman’s voice. It is a human sized robots and the skin is the silicon type. They will be put on display on Wednesday at Miraikan Museum or the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. The museums will be open to the public to personally meet the life-sized robots.


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