How Useful Is Your Headset?

When you are just writing online, you will not be bothered anymore to buy a headset. Besides I am just chatting with my husband through yahoo and if we need to use the webcam or voice chat, I don’t need to use a speaker. Yes, all the people inside the house can hear us talking.

But when you are applying for home based job and you need to talk, headset is a must. Recently, I was requested to have a headset as one of their requirement for interview. I even re-set the schedule for my interview for me to be able to buy a headset. It was okay then because I was not ready, I was still trying to understand their module that they sent me. It was my first time to be interviewed for a teacher online job and since I am not a teacher graduate, I just don’t know what to do.

Again, I don’t bother anymore for an expensive headset. The staff in one of the computer store in the mall recommended me a headset that even how noisy your background is, the other line won’t hear it. I was tempted as it is fitted for the job that I applied for however it is so expensive. I don’t have enough budgets for it; my budget was only from 100 pesos to 200 pesos. On the other hand, there is no headset, which the price range I can afford of so I don’t have a choice but to get the higher one. This headset was the only one available for me, it has a big earpiece and I guess it is just right.

 photo IMG_0093.jpg

Unfortunately, I was not able to pass the interview. I’d like to think that the headset was just a waste of money but I want to look for the brighter side. It was worth it, my eldest daughter find it so useful when she have to listen to the music that she want to in you tube or she also used the headset for learning the chords of the song that she like in you tube. Sometimes I also used it when I have to watch a movie online. Yes, I am addicted to Korean drama now.

 photo IMG_0094.jpg

Moreover, don’t you know that the headset has already been useful during World War 1? The designed though is not as handy as we have now but it has a unique style and when I am looking at it, it looks like a head of an ALIEN or something weird not sure though, I got this from Wikipedia

 photo 330px-US_Signal_Corps_woman_telephone_operator_headset_-_National_World_War_I_Museum_-_Kansas_City_MO_-_DSC07732.jpg

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