Be Very Careful

These past few days blogging is not doing good, thus, I tried to look for a job online but I did not pass for the interview for tutor online. There was one who hired me but the schedule was conflicted to the schedule of Mj so I did not accept the offer. I said to myself maybe writing is for me, I bid for projects and I was glad someone noticed my application. He asked my Skype id right away, so I gave it to him. We chatted in Skype but I was confused with the job so I ask for the complete details of the job. And he said it’s a role playing, it is like sometimes I could be a student while he is the teacher, but when he said that sometimes my role would be a wife. He also stated that I have to be alone at home.  It sounded not good to me at all. So I declined the job I told him I would rather write, he then informed me I could get $100.00 per session, which made me doubting more about it, I know this is something bad. And so I said NO.

Yes, I needed money today but I won’t offer myself doing things like that online, something I and my kids can’t be proud of. From then on, I didn’t log to that website anymore, I thought they are checking every advertisers or employers who are looking for somebody to work for them. I guess I am wrong because there are employers who are not decent at all.

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