Tips For Your Precious Cellphone

I haven’t experience it yet but I don’t want to wait for that moment when my cell phone would explode. I mean we should have preventive tips to avoid our precious gadget to explode so here are the tips:

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First and foremost do not buy low quality batteries. I know once our battery would give up, we will look for a cheap replacement then you have to be aware that some low quality batteries would not follow the same standards as the manufacturers. So think a million of times when you opt to buy cheap low quality batteries.

Do not charge your cellphone under your pillow. It is a big no no, keep your cellphone away from any insulating fabric because it will cause your gadget to overheat.

When the cellphone needs repair, have it check to professional right away. I know inasmuch as we want to, we would like to save some bucks so we intend to keep the repair long but there are things that we can’t see in our naked eye so the best shot is to have it check to the expert. Don’t keep it to yourself so the damage will not be that much.

Don’t use your cellphone while charging as it would overheat your device. Just wait for the battery to be full and you can play your games again.

When you drop it do not use it, the best advice is to send it off to the expert and have it thorough check. Do not assume that after dropping it and the power still on, your cellphone is okay. Nope it is not otherwise you will find out later that there’s a crack in the internal component or the battery was split.

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