Chromebooks 13

The Acer hit again with newest model it is called Acer’s chromebook range. it offers a must believe 13 hour battery life, it is just 18mm but can render and output 4k ultra high definition. Acer’s Chromebook is the first to use Nvidia Tegra k1 processor. Chromebooks 13 can boot up in eight seconds. The programs and apps for Chromebook 13 are online and since they accessed via a web connection thus they are malware and virus free and always updated. Chromebook also can be light in the pocket, they are ranged from $279.99 to up with 16 GB hard drive an a 720p HD display. Chromebooks could not only popular nowadays but their potential can be expand beyond word processing and web surfing. So those students who wanted a light weight Chromebooks but can store lots of files grab it now.

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