Specs Of Her New Phone

I have mentioned here yesterday that I bought a new phone for my eldest daughter. The firefly mobile is affordable and it is already android. Here’s the general specification the firefly mobile model GT100.

Android Version is 4.2.2; eng.shen.1388050676; SDK17

CPU: 2 cores

Display: 800 x 480; DPI: 240; Evaluated Size: 3.9

Touch Screen: Multi Touch

Flash Type: LED

The phone itself is a GSM, Dual Sim, Net GPRS

WiFi: Wlan with Blue Tooth

Front Camera: Photo: 4.9 MP; Max: 2560×1920; Video: 2.1 MP; Max: 1920×1080; Focus: auto infinity continuous-picture continuous-video; Flash modes: off on auto torch

Back Camera: Photo: 1.9 MP; Max size: 1600×1200; Video: 2.1 MP; Max: 1920×1080; Focus: infinity; Flash modes: off

Sensors: KXTJ2-1009 3-axis Accelerometer (Kionix); range: 0…32; resolution: 0.004 (0.012%); power: 0.13mA

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