When Driving

It was a roller coaster when I was still learning how to drive. There are times that I feel like obligated to drive whenever I see it in the garage. And whenever I drive, I was just so nervous. I would always out of focus when I was already behind the wheel but I overcome it with my friend word that I just have my eyes on the road and be a defensive driver. Here are some tips if you are just learning how to drive and a first time driver.

First you have to keep your hands on the wheel when I first touch my hand on the wheel, I thought it was simple but nope, it is not at all. My arms got crisscrossed and sometimes got lock. But you have to be still and proper and make sure before you drive, you should have mirror set already, check all like break, and all the lights.

Second is, do not touch the radio when you are in motion. When it is my first time to drive I don’t like noise and no one should talk even turning on the radio was a big no no. I just turned the radio on when I was already an expert.

Third should be no cellphone. Do not text or call or even pick up your cellphone from your bag. If you can put your phone off, then turn it off. It is very dangerous to use cellphone when driving as it is also illegal.

This is only three ways to be safe while driving; I’ll be posting some more in my next posts.

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