Charcoal For Cooking

Our stove is a big help but the Kerosene tank is not helping at all. I mean, whenever it is out of gas, the flame just put off without any notifications at all. Yes, I hope they could invent a stove that could detect that the tank is running out of gas and so we can budget a certain amount first before we will buy for it. GEEZ, good thing that I still have money left for the tank otherwise we could not cook anymore. This one of the accessory at home that we could not just leave because it takes a full role for us, without it we could not cook very fast.

I could still remember way back then when I was still in high school. We don’t have stove and so we were using charcoal. I have to wake up early to cook rice and cook viand. We lived even we only use charcoal for cooking but because of this fast phasing life, we could not live at all but just using charcoal and besides we don’t have dirty kitchen to put our charcoal, I guess we just have to stick with Kerosene.

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