The Bag From Online Store

Yes, finally the contact from an online store, emailed me already. And she gave me the code that I could use so I can get a P1, 000 discounts. I was so happy as I thought I could not enjoy the P1, 000 off anymore. They apologized for taking too long to give me the replacement code. I really thought that they forgot me already, I was even ready to delete my post regarding to them as it has been a month already that I completed the task and I just want the payment.

Meanwhile, since I already posted the code to their site and it worked. I am waiting for my bag to arrive. It is the same bag that I ordered few weeks ago. I am just so attracted with the bag and I must have it by hook or by crook as long as the online code is ready. LOL. It is hard for not having money at all; you can’t just buy the things you love right away.

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