IPhone Still Can’t

I was browsing a while ago in Yahoo and I found this article. Iphone is the most in demand smart phone right now, it is expensive but there are features that everyone must love especially with games. Oh well, if you think that IPhone has everything then you are wrong because there are still things that IPhone can’t do that Android phones can.

You can remove the battery in Android phones so when your battery is dead it is just so easy to replace them, you can pop off the back and viola you can buy battery to any store.  Unlike with Iphone you cannot remove the battery in the back as it is a rechargeable ion battery which can only be replace by IPhone technicians.

Any micro USB cable can do when charging your Android Phone; you don’t need to find a specific cable for your phone just to charge them. USB cable can be even cheaper. For IPhone you need the company’s proprietary charger called lighting.

Add more storage with an SD card. With Android phones you can buy an SD card to any store, they are even cheaper. If you need more storage for your apps, SD card is the best answer. You cannot do that with IPhone, as they only restricted to the local storage on your device.

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