Even Medicines Evolved

Before when we have wound, we always depends on the plant. My parent would always tell me about leaves of the guava, it is effective to apply it in the wound, it is the anti-bacterial before. Guava leaves and Malunggay leaves has took a part when we have cuts or wounds. I can still recall that Malunggay leaves were used to heal kids when they have their circumcision, I don’t know how they do it but it was very effective. 

Now, some would still use those herbal leaves but most of us depending already with the ointments. I can’t believe that the ointment that we bought yesterday for Mj’s wounds worked very fast. It has been week that the wound always got worst when it gets wet. Yesterday, it looks so awful when Mj finished her warm up. One parent told me for us to buy that anti-biotic ointment, it was only yesterday that Mj applied it to her wound and now you can really see the difference. 

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