A Newspaper Is Talking To You

Our school have journalism when I was still in High school, the students who were selected will be the one to write any article in the journal. The journals were provided to us for free, I guess I have numbers of those in our house. I read some articles but mostly it was just stock in our house. One article there caught my attention; actually the infographic caught my attention. It is a newspaper talking to a person, I read the article and as I could remember, it says that everything is changing. People are more demanding for fast phasing life where everything is push button, the editor there stated that one day instead of us reading a newspaper. The newspaper will talk and will speak about the current events. I was laughing so hard that time, the article is very interesting. What if newspaper will go techie, I just could not imagine that the newspaper will stand and would tell you about the world.

On the other hand, I guess it is happening now, not the newspaper talking but who among us would spare time to buy and read a newspaper. None I guess because we can already check the current events online, I am just not sure if we can find a push button for audio, not reading with it already but by listening. I could still remember my father, he is an avid fan reader of newspaper and there’s no day that he would not buy one, he never skipped. I wonder if he would buy a newspaper today when everything is already available online.

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