Leaked Pictures Online

We like taking pictures in ourselves, sometimes we will go beyond our limit, anyway it is only store in our phone and we don’t have any plans to post it online. However there are some hackers who are so brilliant and will leaked your pictures and post it online. This time the victims are Hollywood celebrities. They were nude pictures that were posted in GOOGLE. This is a lesson to learn for all of us though, do not take nude pictures of yourself because no matter how discreet you can be, there are still some bad people out there who are putting your reputation down. For them, since they are celebrities they can at least tracked who are these people leaking their pictures online what if you are only but an ordinary person who cannot do anything because you don’t have enough funds to pay for the investigators although there are authorities who would help you but I tell you it will take more than decades to resolve the case and to capture whoever the responsible of your pictures online. We just have to be aware and be very careful of taking pictures to ourselves also we should be very careful to post our pictures online.

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