The Downside Of Upgraded

First week of September I went to SSS to inquire about getting a loan, I was so surprised because it is so fast, the staff just give me a form to fill up and viola my loan is process. I will use the money to at least save it to pay to the owner of the house. The staff said I will just have to wait for 2 weeks or 3 weeks to receive the check. I expected for it to come once I get back from Pagadian but it has been 3 weeks still I didn’t receive anything. I went to the office to check but geez they were offline and they can’t do anything. I waited for 30 minutes still they are offline. They informed us to come the next day. 

This is also the downside of a computerized office, when it is offline no one is served and you will be just waiting there without knowing when it will be online again. All the works will be pending and everything will be freeze. They told me instead to check the mail in our post office, maybe it is there already, I went there today and the mail man said they didn’t receive anything yet. I am frustrated; I need the money to pay the tuition fee of my niece since I used her money to pay the owner of the house. Sigh!

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