Malfunctioned Break

My friend Joyce and I agreed to use my car going to Tagum so I have my car ready. I even went to a car door lock repair shop to fix the window lock of my car. The window is hard to slide up; the repair guy said it is because of the switch, he suggested that I have to replace the main switch so to properly fix the other window. He temporary fix the switch of the defective window so I can still slide down and up but he informed that if I have budget already I have to replace the main switch, the sooner the better. I also bought an engine oil and brake fluid so to make sure that I could not encounter hassle along the way.

But on our way home with my youngest daughter Faith, I lose my break all so sudden. I have to pump several times to engage the break. Good thing after several attempts, the break functioned. I nearly bump in to the back of the other car in front of me. I knew something is wrong again with my break, I tried to turn left and viola the break went off again but if I run straight the break engage with no problem at all.

I still drove my car, just made sure that I am far enough from the car in front of me so I will not bump any cars. I have to run steady so I can send the car to the shop. The problem occurred when I have to turn left on the way to the shop, there are many roads that I have to turn left and turn right and my break will not functioned at all. I even honk so hard so the other cars or any type of vehicle will know. I was already closed to the shop that I decided to stop; I could not do it any longer. Faith and I walked to the shop and have my mechanic get the car and drive it to the shop. So right now I could not use my car going to Tagum tomorrow. I asked my other friend if we could ride in her car and she said yes.

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