The Blu ray Is Closed?

I just read a news recently that the Blu ray is closed, it said that they were already losing for 5 years already. So that means to say, if no CD will be available in the market, there are only numbers of them. Oh well, we can watch movie online already so the people are not interested to watch movie in CD or DVD. Some of us don’t even spend time to watch movie in cinemas they will just wait for the movie to be available online. There are Netflix or Live streaming as well, so the Blu ray will be closed sooner. Too bad, this reminds me of the Betamax and VHS that when CD and DVD is introduced to the market, the famous Betamax and VHS went off. LOL I could also still remember Video City, this was a store for all movies, we will just rent the movie and watch it at home.

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