Cellphone Young Is Lacking Of Memory

Mj was so happy when her Dad bought her the Samsung Young, she has many things in mind that she would like to do with her newly purchase phone. She thought of some applications, games and the like but like after 2 weeks she started complaining she said it would easily get full even she has an extra SD memory with bigger gigabytes. I ignored it at first and thought that she just doesn’t know where to put her applications or she stored so many applications or games that made her memory get easily full. I mean, you know teenagers nowadays they will just download and download without even using the apps. And sometimes they are downloading something that can make their cellphones cute or beautiful without knowing it will eat up the memory.

But now when I am the one using her cellphone since my cellphone just soak into the water last summer, I found out that even I will just download one game or one application, it will popped that the internal memory is full and that I have to delete some files. My other cellphone is better, the one I uses before, it is Samsung pocket even though it is smaller than the young it has enough internal memory to accommodate my games and applications. Cellphone young is getting old I guess it can’t cope up with today’s generation. I can’t wait to have a new phone!

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