Flash Drive For Our Movies

We love to watch movies, but nowadays are not right to go to cinemas and watch movies. On the other hand, the store also where we usually buys our DVD tapes is closed already. But thanks to my niece because she just know where to download movies, movies that are not new but not that old too. However, the flash drive that I bought for my eldest daughter was lost and she doesn’t know where she placed it. My niece borrowed a flash drive but she already returned it when the semester was ended.

Last Sunday after hearing mass, we went to the mall to dine and grocery shopping. I remembered that we need a flash drive to store the movies that we downloaded in our lap top, I know I know, we could have save it for something else but this is the only thing that we can enjoy and I don’t want to take that little joy of watching a movie at home. I mean I don’t tag them along already to the malls because we are in a tight budget and this is our chance to at least bond at home. It is not necessary but I know this can give them happiness a flash drive for our movies.


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