Juggling between MP4 and WMV with Movavi Video Converter

MP4 or MPEG-4 (Media Pictures Expert Group to be precise) is a very popular video format, which you may have encountered numerous times while sharing and downloading video contents. However at times you may need the videos in WMV format instead for either compatibility or Windows Media Player libraries or embedding them. The reverse can also occur where you want to send a huge WMV file over internet and you can just instead send a MP4.

What are MP4 and WMV?

MP4 is a video format that can compress video when encoded into and yet does not lead to appreciable loss of quality. Such features are helpful in keeping the file size down along with decent quality. However, there are times when you need uncompressed video (embedding in applications, limited CODEC support or where compressed videos cannot be played) – WMV is a format, which provides this albeit with increased file size. Thus, when you need small file size with portability, MP4 is the choice whereas for uncompressed videos WMV is the format to go for. Also to be noted is the fact that the file size will depend on resolution, duration and frames per second too i.e. a Full HD MP4 video will be larger than VGA WMV video for the same duration. Movavi Video Converter is the perfect tool to convert WMV to MP4 format and vice versa.

Converting between MP4 and WMV

  • The first step would be to download Movavi Video Converter and install it following the instructions given on running the installer. The process is fairly simple.
  • Open the program from programs list and then click on Add Video option in Movavi Video converter. This will open the file open dialog box and choose the WMV or MP4 file to convert. You can select multiple files as well for batch conversion by holding down Shift or Ctrl.
  • Click on “Convert To” field and click on “More preset formats > WMV” and choose the appropriate WMV format (based on resolution). If it the other way round, choose from various MP4 category and the various presets available. Note that the output file size will depend on the resolution selected.
  • Choose the output folder where your converted video will be saved from the Destination field and then click on Convert button to start the conversion. The process may take some tile depending on the size of the video from which conversion is taking place, the number of videos selected to convert and the encoding selected.
  • Once complete, open the location selected during Destination selection and you will find the converted videos there stored.

 photo 3_zpsa24f1248.png

With Movavi Video Converter, video conversion from and to MP4 and WMV is very trivial and involves just a few clicks. The software also supports batch processing where a series of files can be converted too. The presence of various presets greatly simplifies the task rather than manually setting the value, which can lead to distorted videos due to the fact that aspect ratio may not be maintained.

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