To Become A Social Media Pro

If you think that you are expert enough to be called a social media geek, well I think you have to check on this. If you have an Instagram and you are a pro when it comes to get the texture color of the background or even in your image then you are really a pro. Texture heavy images though are in demand of about 70 percent and more. I know most of us wanted to get more likes if you like to have more likes then change the image from dominant color to any unique color, you’ll see if you change the color, many would press likes to about 25% or more.

For tweeting, maximize your words and your words will get more retweeted at about nearly 20 percent. Don’t forget to include pictures and retweets will increase about 90 percent. In Facebook, if you will have to maximize your words in tweeter then not in FB, 100 characters does not work here. About 40 characters will do and you will get about 90 percent attention.

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