Sometimes Technology Glitches

My daughter just had a field trip, at first I planned not to follow them but some of the parents decided to follow their kids and since one parent let us ride her car so we convoy the bus. The first stop was in the mall, a mall in the north. We live in the south so this mall is a bit far from us. While the kids watched IMAX, we stayed in the ground floor taking some pictures of this huge Christmas, the biggest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen, some of the designs were made of LEGO that was made it very attractive to the shoppers. Technology really made the Christmas tree possible to stand with all those stuffs hanging and with all the lights as well, not to mention the LEGO, it is really nice to look at. However even it was pretty at all, and was really so bright, technology sometimes have glitch. Just a few days ago I heard the Christmas tree has electrical shortage, they had commotions inside and the mall was force to close, the only open was the grocery department.

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