Selfie Time

Filipinos love taking pictures of them so selfie was not only known at the present time but even before technology upgrades. I remember I found a picture of my dad and in that picture he was alone, I don’t know who took that picture but it is as well called selfie and that picture happened when I was only 5 years old. Every time we have the chance to meet some friends and in a group, we never failed to take pictures and mind you, the camera is not even digital, we have to go to a store where they can develop pictures so we can see our hard copies pictures. Pictures with group of people are called group selfie.

Selfie time maybe developed when everything is just clickable. When digital arises, no one bothered to have their pictures develop, even though there are some still followed the old blues like keeping a hard copy for souvenirs. But me, I just stored all the picture in my external hard copy. One parent though advised me to have a hard copy because somehow we still like to see picture in our album and not in the computer. It would serve as the memorabilia for the whole family. Am I following her? Oh well let’s see when everything is settled.

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