Keyboard On My Right Side Does Not Function Well

This Monday when we were getting ready to go out as Faith and Mj needs to attend their Kumon, Sister Lilian called us over Viber. After a while when my niece started browsing she noticed that there is something wrong with the keyboard, the right side of the keyboard does not function well, she tried everything like Fn + NumLock and Fn Scrl lck but to no success. I just told her then that I’ll be the one to fix it when we arrive home that night.

The moment I arrived home, I started to work on my computer right away. I tried the language and region for my keyboard setting, it still did not work. The enter key would type \], the o key would type o0; the backspace would also type wrongly. I have no choice but to reformat my computer I suspected maybe a persistent virus just attack my computer. It took a while, I slept too late and I was successful, the keyboard was back to normal.

But today, this morning when I opened my computer, the keyboard is not working again, the right side of my keyboard. I don’t want to get stress but I don’t have choice, I have to fix it. I searched it over the Internet the possible ways to fix the keyboard issues. I tried to take the battery off and pressed the power button for 60 seconds still it didn’t work. My only option is to reformat the computer again and maybe next week I will send it to repair shop.

After I reformat the computer, the keyboard is still not functioning properly; it still has the same issue. I tried my luck in browsing the you tube, hoping that maybe someone has the same issue with me. And so there is one suggesting to regedit in the start program, then select HK current user, then select control panel then keyboard then double click the initial keyboard indicator. And type 0 in the pop up box. I restarted my computer and when I get back everything just went right. Thank GOD! I hope I will not encounter the same issue again or I will be doomed.

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