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Because of the Lightning

Last New Year when everyone was so busy preparing, it rained so hard all so sudden, then we heard a very strong roaring thunder and came the lightning right away. Our TV was on at that moment, it went suddenly off. I thought it was just a normal reaction for the TV however it didn’t turn on at all. I thought the box of our Sky Cable was the problem so I didn’t insist at all to turn it on. Faith is already complaining and I was like sad I guess we could not watch TV at all for days since it is holiday and I could not have it repair in the office.

My being techie oh well a little bit got me so curious about the chord so I  tried to push harder the power chord to its source, it didn’t work. But then I noticed that the power chord has the resemblance of my digital frame chord so I took it off then replace it with the one from my digital frame, it worked. Thank GOD at least we were able to enjoy the count down but I guess I have to buy the same chord really soon.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab

One of the content of the package that my sister sent us is the Samsung tablet of my niece Mariel. It is a Samsung Galaxy Tab so she returned the Telpad and Faith is using it on weekend and sometimes in the pool. My sister bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Singapore, she found an IPAD for her so she sent the table to her daughter. The tablet has a nice package; it is color white so it is really nice to the eye. My sister put a case on it too so it won’t slipped through easily her hand. This tablet is very light, if my niece does not bring the Telpad whenever she goes to school, this one she always bring it with her. Since this tablet is very light, it is just so easy and comfortable to hold even if single hand. Unlike with the Telpad, this tablet is just so easy to touch; you don’t have to press it too much to browse.

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A Professional Take on Black Entertainment

A lot of websites try to cover Black entertainment news, but they fall short in some aspect. Some have too much of a focus on the Hip-Hop community, some just regurgitate gossip, and others clearly lack a user friendly interface. However, there is one site that shines where the others don’t. The site,, gets you the entertainment news you want, just as you need it.

A Class Act
Visiting is a distinguished experience. Stories and accompanying photos are presented in a mature and tasteful manner. Articles are done in good taste and focus on the facts rather than conjecture or fluff. It’s definitely the type of website that is safe for work because there aren’t any unsavory images or foul language.

Find The News You Want Faster
This site has a clean, intuitive design for quick and convenient navigation. When you first look at the site, you’ll see that it has an orderly layout, with accurately categorized articles. The top half of the page lists all the top stories for easy access to the latest happenings. Just glancing at the top news section and the content slider will give you a a quick update on any new stories you might have missed.

Engaging Content provides interesting and informative content. Articles are professionally written and created with true journalistic integrity in mind. High quality photos of your favorite stars and sights are displayed on almost every page. Some articles even have accompanying video clips to give you further insight into the story. Eurweb even has a complete multimedia section so you can heck out popular videos or listen to audio interviews.

Eurweb Is The Final Word On Black Entertainment
As described, Eurweb is easy to use and gives you immediate access to the latest news. Aside from entertainment news, Eurweb offers a wide variety of topics including business, relationships, and health. You’re sure to find all the information you need to keep yourself informed and entertained.

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Shortcut Keys In FB

I just tried this now however the only shortcut key that is working to my end is CTRL + G and that is to search. But who knows it would work to your part you just have to try it. Surely when we are tired from work or anything that we had accomplished offline and when we arrived home we just want to lie down while scrolling down to your laptop. It is indeed too tiring when you have to scroll down, when we are too tired, scrolling alone can be so hassle. So here are some shortcut keys that you must enjoy with, you just have to try as I mentioned earlier I tried it but the only working for me is the CTRL + G.

Press Ctrl or Alt with:

* M: start a new message
* J: mark a message as spam
* G: search messages
* I: Inbox
* U: Other
* Delete: Archive/unarchive conversations
* Q: keyboard shortcutsIf you’re a Windows user:

* Internet Explorer: Alt + #, then Enter
* Mozilla Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
* Google Chrome for PC: Alt + #

If you’re a Mac user:

* Safari: Ctrl + Opt + #
* Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + Opt + #
* Chrome: Ctrl + Opt + #

Here are the complete details of the shortcut keys in FB.

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