My Cellphone Last Year

It is the first day of the year, it is Happy New Year. Wow, time flies really really so fast. It is only like a blink of an eye and everything is changed. I am glad that even though we have so many things I’ve encounter last year, we were able to pass through it. Last year was remarkable, my cellphone was damaged and the thing is, it was just less than a year. Yeah I just bought it. My HP Digital camera died with it too, both were soaked in the sea water.

I bought another cellphone but I give it to my eldest daughter. We swapped cellphone, I took hers and since she likes mine, she had it. But it was with her for two months, because it was soaked in an alcohol and when we sent it for repair, I have to spend P2, 000.oo for the repair cost. I decided to get her another cellphone. It was my fault, I was the one who put it in my bag and I didn’t notice that my alcohol bottle was opened.

I still want to buy another cellphone this year though, when I am sure already everything is okay financially. I may have to buy the same model that I had before or anything as long as the size is big and had the same quality when it comes to picture pixel.

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