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I just tried this now however the only shortcut key that is working to my end is CTRL + G and that is to search. But who knows it would work to your part you just have to try it. Surely when we are tired from work or anything that we had accomplished offline and when we arrived home we just want to lie down while scrolling down to your laptop. It is indeed too tiring when you have to scroll down, when we are too tired, scrolling alone can be so hassle. So here are some shortcut keys that you must enjoy with, you just have to try as I mentioned earlier I tried it but the only working for me is the CTRL + G.

Press Ctrl or Alt with:

* M: start a new message
* J: mark a message as spam
* G: search messages
* I: Inbox
* U: Other
* Delete: Archive/unarchive conversations
* Q: keyboard shortcutsIf you’re a Windows user:

* Internet Explorer: Alt + #, then Enter
* Mozilla Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
* Google Chrome for PC: Alt + #

If you’re a Mac user:

* Safari: Ctrl + Opt + #
* Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl + Opt + #
* Chrome: Ctrl + Opt + #

Here are the complete details of the shortcut keys in FB.

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