Samsung Galaxy Tab

One of the content of the package that my sister sent us is the Samsung tablet of my niece Mariel. It is a Samsung Galaxy Tab so she returned the Telpad and Faith is using it on weekend and sometimes in the pool. My sister bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Singapore, she found an IPAD for her so she sent the table to her daughter. The tablet has a nice package; it is color white so it is really nice to the eye. My sister put a case on it too so it won’t slipped through easily her hand. This tablet is very light, if my niece does not bring the Telpad whenever she goes to school, this one she always bring it with her. Since this tablet is very light, it is just so easy and comfortable to hold even if single hand. Unlike with the Telpad, this tablet is just so easy to touch; you don’t have to press it too much to browse.

 photo IMG_0486_zps2841b814.jpg

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