Because of the Lightning

Last New Year when everyone was so busy preparing, it rained so hard all so sudden, then we heard a very strong roaring thunder and came the lightning right away. Our TV was on at that moment, it went suddenly off. I thought it was just a normal reaction for the TV however it didn’t turn on at all. I thought the box of our Sky Cable was the problem so I didn’t insist at all to turn it on. Faith is already complaining and I was like sad I guess we could not watch TV at all for days since it is holiday and I could not have it repair in the office.

My being techie oh well a little bit got me so curious about the chord so I  tried to push harder the power chord to its source, it didn’t work. But then I noticed that the power chord has the resemblance of my digital frame chord so I took it off then replace it with the one from my digital frame, it worked. Thank GOD at least we were able to enjoy the count down but I guess I have to buy the same chord really soon.

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