Bought Another Headset

Since I am starting already with my home base job and a headset is required, the other week I bought another headset, yes my headset that I bought last year is not functioning properly. I could not hear a thing sometimes; I need to press the cord harder to the outlet so I can hear any sounds. The headset I bought last year was more expensive than this one. Oh well, I am thankful that this one is cheaper because I don’t have extra budget for this at all. I mean I am also not sure if I will be successful for this home base job since I need to reach my quota every day and so far this week I didn’t achieve my goal. A cheap headset is all I need then if they still need my service for long term; I may buy another one, a headset that have a noise reduction. It is more expensive but I am surely would like the sounds of it, it maybe more clear.

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