When Love Is Genuine

At work, one workmate confide on me about her love life. I was surprised at first because among the group I am the quiet type. However it never stopped her from sharing her frustrations today, she just shares it to me out of the blue and I am there to listen. I can only give some pieces of advice but for the rest it will be up to her.

Anyway one of my advices since the guy is already making lots of excuses, is to let him go, it is painful but we can’t do anything about it. Love has a profound meaning; no one can ever fathom it we just have to accept the fact that sometimes when it is not genuine love fades. On the other hand, love is mysterious because no matter how far your love one is, it works. Just like mine, I met my husband online and even we don’t see each other much, our love is still there and we hold on no matter how miles we are apart from each other.

Yes, I found my husband in one of the dating site before, it was like how many years ago. But if you think it is too late already for you to find someone who would truly love you oh well, you are wrong because there is a dating site that you could trust and I am referring to no other than but the Datinghappens.com. This site accomplished a lot; they were able to match someone to someone who needs only but a genuine love. Why don’t you try it and see what happens, but of course before getting into a relationship you should guard your ground, you have to also be very cautious when trusting someone over the Internet. You should know the person inside and out and I am telling you it will not happen overnight it takes days, months and even years for you to really know the person. My advice? Just take it one at a time, enjoy talking to someone else there and you’ll see before you know your dream guy is on the doorstep asking you to marry him.

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