Totally A Red Moon

Last night, my daughter keeps on telling me that there will be lunar eclipse. We went home late from having dinner at sister’s house but we didn’t see any lunar eclipse in the sky. But the news this morning that there is something unusual in the lunar eclipse last night.

Lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon earth are align. Last night when the Moon passes through the shadow of the earth, it is most visible in Japan, parts in Australia and part in Western North America. The partial eclipse happened at 7:15 p.m. in Japan and around 8:54 p.m. the moon was to be fully covered by the Earth’s umbral shadow.

As I mentioned earlier, they saw a very unusual lunar eclipse as the moon went totally mysteriously red. It was so beautiful, Japan was so lucky enough to witness such a very beautiful red in the sky.

The ocean is the perfect view when you are looking to lunar eclipse as it would reflect to the water so heart capturing. But even so we were not able to witness it here in the Philippines. The pictures around the world are enough for us to witness the beautiful stunningly red moon last night.

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