New Microsoft Phone

Just last pay day I was dumbfounded if to buy a new cellphone or not. You see I’d been planning to buy a new phone for myself since my other phone was soaked in sea water last summer. It is just I don’t have extra budget to buy one for me. Last pay day was my chance and even though I have things to pay yet but if I will slipped the chance to buy me a new phone, I might not going to have another chance again and so I did. This phone was just new in the market and even if it’s only new, it was only so affordable. I brought my niece with me to help me decide. Say hello to my new phone.

 photo IMG_0581_zpshtbykaso.jpg

I thank GOD for my salary because I was able to buy a new phone of my own from my own pocket.

 photo IMG_0582_zpsvguad05a.jpg

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