Sold It Out

The first laptop I ever got was the Dell laptop given to me by my husband so many years ago. It give up few years ago, it died naturally that I have to buy another one. Supposedly my husband will send me another laptop however since we don’t have budget and all that. I just purchased another one using my earning from blogging.

The Dell laptop was just in the corner waiting for someone. Recently, my friend at work told me that he wanted to buy another computer. I know though that the Dell is not functioning right but when I offered it to him for a very low price. He instantly grabbed it. I told him though that he will just pay me if he is sure that he can use it because it has been so long since it is just seated in the corner.

I brought him the charger and the laptop, but then when they tried to open it. The charger does not have a pin already to insert at the power plug. He informed me when they already arrived at home. I just told him that he can actually buy a universal charger.

He will be sending the laptop in the nearest repair shop to have it checked. And he will be buying a charger as soon as the computer will fix.

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