IMEI Number Is Different From MEID #

Maybe we are confused about these two, actually they are somewhat similar but different. Confused again? Oh well the IMEI and MEID number is both an identity of your cellphone. When your phone is lost you can actually request to block the device using these two. You just have to call National Telecommunication or go there personally and ask them to block this device provided these IMEI or MEID number. These two has a unique series of number so when a certain cellphone is block with the corresponding IMEI or MEID, the device could not be use anymore. The device will be totally shut off and will not be open at all. If in case your cellphone will be lost then you have the authority to block it, you may not get the cellphone back but at least no one could every use it.

The difference of these two is the IMEI number is for GSM phones. What is a GSM phone? GSM phone is a kind of phones that we are using nowadays. To be more specific, phone that can be inserted with a SIM.

MEID are those CDMA phones. It doesn’t have a slot that you can insert a SIM.

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