Go Every Mile

If you have a side by side, you take riding to a whole, new level. Your UTV can take you anywhere you want to go and you have someone along with you for every mile. Gone are the days of hauling someone on the back. It is all part of the thrill when you have a sidekick sitting next to you. Whether you take to the rocky terrain, head for the wooded trails, or like to roll through the desert, your side by side is ready for the challenge. Best of all, you have an added sense of security with a roll cage around you and seatbelts to hold everyone in. That’s all well and good, but you can always enhance your ride and make it your own as you personalize it. Make your UTV complete with essential UTV accessories from Side by Side Stuff and you won’t be disappointed.

Try a Full Cab Enclosure
When you bring your UTV home, you’ll notice a few things are missing. A stock side by side does not come with doors and there is no windshield to protect you from the elements. That means you are going to get hit hard by the weather. Sleet, rain, and snow will bombard you when you are out on a ride. Throw in some mud and you’d better get ready for a mess. A full cab enclosure is the perfect solution. Not only will you keep Mother Nature at bay, you can ensure that you and your passenger will remain securely in your UTV if you go for a topsy-turvy spill. Include heat as another, must-have accessory and you’ll be comfortable when the cold sets in.

Think About a Windshield
Windshields offer a great alternative if you don’t want to go with a full cab enclosure for your side by side. You have several choices. You can go with a full windshield for the front, a tilting windshield, or a folding windshield. A rear windshield is another option. Hold off the worst of the rain and mud when conditions get rough. You’ll be able to stick it out to the end.

Don’t Forget the Extras
You can always go with more aggressive tires when you plan on taking on a challenging course. Wheels, lights, and audio systems are only a few of the additional accessories that can customize your ride.

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