Modem Busted

I am not sure but I think PLDT is issuing recondition modems. Just recently I was dumbfounded when I noticed that our modem is not responding for Internet anymore. We have reset it for how many times but it will stop later, it has been 2 weeks that our Internet is on and off. Until I could no longer hold it, there is no day that I don’t annoy them with my call, until one technician came in. And when I let him in, he have replace the modem right away, he told me modems like what I had would easily get busted. I even told him it has only been a month that we had that modem and it was easily busted. The technician said, many of the customers are complaining that kind of modem. My question is that why they were issuing it while there were many customers are already complaining about it, just thinking.

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