Tips For Finding A Hair Salon

Before you decide to let just anyone do your hair or perform other salon services, there are a few things that you can look for to determine if the salon is good or not.

Look at the credentials of the people who work for the salon. You shouldn’t let someone who hasn’t completed any formal training work on your hair because there could be damage done if the work is not done correctly. However, that doesn’t mean someone who is no longer working in a salon and who has the proper certification shouldn’t be allowed to do your hair. Ask others which salon they go to as they will likely tell the truth about the service received. Word of mouth is often the only way some salons stay in business, and if they offer service that isn’t good, then they won’t get any customers. Some of the best hair salons in Portland and surrounding areas post ratings on the walls and have social media pages so that customers can leave comments.

You can also check the website of the salon. It should be updated and reflect the services that are provided. You can also read reviews that have been written and see pictures of work that has been done. Go to the salon to look around. If the business has a problem with you looking at the facility and what services are performed, then it’s likely a sign that you should stay away. Look at the cleanliness of the salon, and talk to the people who work there. If it’s busy, then it’s probably a salon that is in high demand, which is a good thing.

Pay attention to how the stylists look. Some stylists will try new looks on each other, but you probably don’t want someone who has hot pink hair or skin tight jeans offering to cut and style your hair or do a manicure and pedicure. If they care about what they look like, then they will want the best for you as well.

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