We Need A New Laptop

It has been like 5 years I think that I bought this laptop. It served us well for how many years and I hope it will not give up soonest. The problem with this laptop is the battery, it won’t power on anymore when the charger is not hook to the laptop. My friend at work was able to find an installment plan for the laptop. The monthly is only P1, 300.00; it includes pocket Wi-Fi, a tablet, and a USB Wi-Fi. I am already tempted to get it but I am worried and afraid that if I could not meet the price every month, what if I could not pay it. I mean we are really in a deep trouble financially, even if I am already working I still could feel the lacking and out of budget stuffs. So I have to set it aside for now, sooner or later I know I can manage and I will. And I’ll buy the new laptop, soon!

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